Picture Book 7

Picture Book 7

Another year, another Picture Book – long may it continue!

There’s probably no better way to introduce an illustrated work than to start with exquisite examples of some genuine rarities by that master picture-book-maker himself, Samuel Thomas Gill. We have his Diggers & Diggings of Victoria as they were in 1852, and the four parts illustrated by him of Diggers & Diggings of Victoria as they are in 1855.

We could say much more, but why spoil the fun for you?

Read on, and you will find a fascinating range of signed modern literature, manuscripts, photographs, maps and atlases, and, last but not least, even some rare books!

To view these items (and much else) visit us at Stand 16 at the Melbourne Rare Book Fair, at Wilson Hall, University of Melbourne, this coming weekend, 7-9 July 2018. For more details go to www.rarebookfair.com

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