An original photograph (140x160mm) mounted on a detached autograph album leaf (165x195mm), captioned in pencil '1st Test Team for Australia at Brisbane. Dec 1947'. The match was against India on 28-29 November and 1-4 December 1947; it was India's first tour of Australia. The team comprised Bradman (Captain), Brown, Hamence (12th man), Hassett, Ian Johnson, Bill Johnston, Lindwall, McCool, Miller, Morris, Tallon and Toshack; the Manager is also in the group portrait

'The late withdrawal of key (Indian) players ... greatly weakened its side. The strength of Australian cricket at this time further unbalanced the contest, resulting in a 4-0 thrashing in the series' (Webster). This is hardly surprising, considering that ALL of the Australians in this particular team went on the 1948 Invincibles tour. A newspaper cartoon relating to the match is mounted on the verso of the leaf; apart from a little cockling (due to an excess of paste), the photograph is in fine condition.

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