A masterly 1977 portrait by the Adelaide photographer David Simpson, featuring a distinguished but relaxed Sir Don at home, standing in front of his familiar portrait in oils

It is an exceptional gelatin silver photographic print measuring a gigantic 530 × 510 mm (approximately), printed from the negative by the photographer for Michael Treloar in the mid-1990s. Treloar went to an exhibition of Simpson's work at his studio at the time, and saw the image on display. It had been commissioned originally as part of a series of portraits of significant older South Australians for an exhibition at the David Jones Gallery in the later 1970s. Treloar in turn commissioned David Simpson to produce a small quantity of prints (ten, from memory). The photographic paper used to print them was old stock, long obsolete; the results were so impressive, another batch (possibly five) was commissioned. Alas, only modern paper could be had - still very large (at 470 × 475 mm), still a wonderful portrait - but the difference was sufficient to determine that no more prints were commissioned. The original lot were signed and dated (1977) by the photographer, and subsequently, all prints were personally signed in black felt-tipped pen by Sir Don Bradman. The group of very large format prints has been in storage for nearly twenty years (forgotten about, if not exactly lost, until now) ... The outstanding quality of these portrait photographs make them a far more fitting tribute to the man than a lot of the pedestrian and indifferent material universally on offer. (The 470 × 475 mm prints, signed by Sir Don Bradman, are available for $1250 each).

Item #32783

Price: $2,000.00