List of Birds collected by the Calvert Expedition in West Australia. With Field Notes by G.A. Keartland, Naturalist to the Expedition. [Contained in] Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia, Volume 22, Part 2, 1898

Octavo, [69] pages plus the tipped-in errata slip (with several minor references to this article).

Wrappers slightly discoloured (acidic paper); a fine copy (uncirculated).

Keartland's field notes make this far more interesting than the 'List of Birds' title suggests. For example, he concludes his account of the Nankeen kestrel thus: 'I took four eggs from a tree near our camp, and was surprised to find the nest lined with pellets of camel dung. This is probably the first time this material has been used for nest-lining'. Indeed. Other articles of more-or-less general interest include KOCH, Max: A List of Plants collected on Mount Lyndhurst Run (18 pages), BROWNE, J. Harris: Use of the Wedge by the Natives of the Great Barrier Plain (1 page) and the President's address, essentially on the anthropology of Australia (7 pages).

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