Picture Book 3

We hope you enjoy the latest volume in our occasional series of Picture Book catalogues. They are short on text (purposefully!), and you won't find too many standard works here!

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Online Catalogue #4

Highlights of the current list are a number of rare and collectable single items and sets by Winston Churchill. These include London to Ladysmith (1900), The River War (1902, revised edition), My African Journey (1908), the Official Biography (all 8 volumes, plus 11 of the 13 Companion Volumes, plus the 3-volume Churchill War Papers), and Complete Speeches 1897-1963 (8 volumes).

Other rarities include Brisbanila Odyssey, 1943-1945, the lavish war service souvenir book produced by the US 2773rd Engineers (a printing unit); a mint copy of the first edition of Robert HughesThe Art of Australia (1966), suppressed before publication; Ethel Turner's Gum Leaves, extensively illustrated by D.H. Souter (1900); and a set of Baldwin Spencer's Wanderings in Wild Australia (1928), inscribed and signed by him to his art dealer.
A fine miscellany of antiquarian books (including travel), art, ephemera, militaria, photographs and trade catalogues are included in the balance of the catalogue.

Auction #11

Rare Books, Manuscripts & Vintage Photographs, including Exploration, Ethnography & Australiana

Sunday 10 December 2017 at 2pm ACDT

Important material from the collection of Thomas Worsnop (1821-1898), Town Clerk of Adelaide from 1869-1898, includes his 1852 emigrant shipboard diaries, and an extraordinary album of 1860s photographs. This is extensively annotated in an engaging anecdotal style, essentially forming an unpublished illustrated vernacular history of the lives (cultural and otherwise) of the battlers, the new chums, and especially the Indigenous people of South Australia in the period before 1870.

Other highlights include Sir John Morphett's set of Matthew Flinders's Voyage to Terra Australis (1814); Ernest Giles's Geographic Travels in Central Australia (1875), signed and extensively annotated by Giles himself; William Willshire’s Aborigines of Central Australia (Port Augusta, 1888); T.G.H. Strehlow’s magnum opus, Songs of Central Australia (1971); Wilkie Collins’s The Legacy of Cain (1888, the dedicatee's copy signed by the author); and the programme and script to Kerwin Maegraith's testimonial musical for the benefit of former fast bowler Ernie Jones, It Ain't Cricket (1933), in which Don Bradman, making his stage debut, hit into the audience a few tennis balls he and Jones had signed; one of these fabulous rarities is included in the lot!

Online Catalogue #3

Highlights of the current list are numerous signed items, including Walsh's Bradshaw Art of the Kimberley (2000); Spencer and Gillen's first book, The Native Tribes of Central Australia (1899) with the provenance of Bishop Gilbert White, H.J. Hillier, and T.G.H. Strehlow; an original Len Beadell watercolour drawing; inscribed and signed copies of the first editions of Ion Idriess's Drums of Mer (1933) and Must Australia Fight? (1939) (among ten Idriess first editions); and the rare portfolio Visions of Adelaide (1988, one of only 60 copies, none for sale) with signed lithographs by Yvonne Boag, Keith Cowlam, Barbara Hanrahan, Dee Jones, and Hossein Valamanesh.

Important photographs include Townsend Duryea's very rare Adelaide Album (1867); an extensive album by Captain Samuel Sweet, South Australia - Country Scenes and Stock and Station Views (1880s); and an album of A Few Views taken during a Walking Tour over the Australian Alps. May 1921.

Militaria, art, literature, antiquarian books, trade catalogues and ephemera are included in the balance of the catalogue.

Online Catalogue #2

Highlights of the current list include a collection of over 200 'movable' books – pop-ups, transformations, tunnel books, volvelles, pop-outs, pull-downs – call them what you will, 200+ is impressive!

Signed material ranges from a collection of Peter Sculthorpe's scores presented to his friends Russell and Maisie Drysdale, a fine signed portrait of Chiang Kai-Shek, books signed by Edward Bawden and Robert Graves, and autographs of Australian musicians, 1930s cricketers, and 1950s tennis champions.

Seven Boer War lots include Lewis's On the Veldt (Hobart, 1902) and a small quantity of unusual 'souvenir' photographs sold in Adelaide at the time. True collectors' pieces are some uncirculated copies of WW2 battalion histories (being the printer's archived files copies): the 22nd AIB, 2/27th, 2/28th, 2/43rd and 2/48th.

Choice ephemera include, as often, numerous trade catalogues – perennially interesting, invariably rare – with the pick of the crop an unrecorded yet substantial type specimen catalogue produced in Adelaide in 1858. Also unrecorded is an 1868 silk theatre programme from the Adelaide's Royal Victoria Theatre (surviving to this day as Queen's Theatre). Victoria-Colonie et sa Capitale Melbourne (Melbourne, circa 1885), with a seven-panel frontispiece, seems to be held in only one institutional collection ...

Online Catalogue #1

Highlights of the current list range from an appealing copy of the first Australian children's book, A Mother's Offering to Her Children (Sydney, 1841), to Donald Friend's outrageous masterpiece, Bumbooziana. Other Australian art books include Lionel Lindsay's A Book of Woodcuts (Sydney, 1922, one of only 200 copies), and review copies, in fine condition, of some of the standard monographs of the same period (Ashton, Heysen, Hilder, Martens, Nicholas, Streeton, and Young). A number of deluxe editions from a printer's archive, in uncirculated condition, include The Bradman Albums, Iredale's volumes on birds of New Guinea, and Nicholls' Orchids of Australia (1951). Ephemera include attractive 1930s trade catalogues of sporting goods, camping equipment and outdoor furniture, and the auctioneer's fully marked-up copy of a very rare stud sheep sale catalogue (Sydney, 1891).