A framed and glazed original pen and ink portrait of George Fife Angas (1789-1879), South Australian pioneer

The visible image size is 615 × 500 mm; the external dimensions of the frame are 895 × 755 mm; apart from three tiny holes low down on the left-hand lapel of the coat (perhaps moths?), and a very small amount of surface loss on the other lapel, the condition of the portrait, matt and frame are excellent.

It is based on one of the (variant) frontispiece portraits used in Edwin Hodder's 1891 biography, 'George Fife Angas. Father and Founder of South Australia'; we have identified different images and reproduction processes for this frontispiece. This portrait is based on a photograph, but whether it was done from an original print or the frontispiece reproduction is not known - nor is the artist known. However, it is a well-executed portrait, and the matt and frame suggest that the item is at least of the same vintage as Hodder's book. The 'Australian Dictionary of Biography' has this to say about Angas: 'although his prominence in the foundation of South Australia has been somewhat exaggerated ... he deserves full credit for the capital and settlers that he introduced into the new colony'.

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