'To W.B.T. Andrews Esquire, J.P. Registrar-General of Deeds. Dear Sir, on the eve of your departure for England, we the Officers of your Department, desire simply and sincerely and with unaffected unity of feeling, to wish you a prosperous voyage and a hearty God-speed. We trust that though your visit may be overshadowed by affectionate anxiety for the health of your daughter, it will nevertheless fulfil your hopes, and we assure you we shall look forward to the day when you will once more resume your official duties as one worthy to be celebrated amongst us. We have the honor to remain, Dear Sir, Your obedient servants .. Lands Titles Office, Adelaide, 1st July, 1882'

Inscribed on a sheet of vellum, 355x215mm, with the recipient's name and the initial letter of the text highly decorative, and all other capitals ornamental. Running the full length of the left-hand side is a standard with a twirled ribbon, captioned 'The Deeds Themselves, Though Mute, Speak Loud The Doer', topped by a banner, 65x45mm, illustrated with a cloaked Aborigine, an upright spear in one hand, the other holding aloft a partially unrolled deed. Signed 'Joyner' (William George Percy Joyner?); cased in an elaborately gilt-decorated full morocco folder, very slightly rubbed. A treasure! (Walter Boyd Tate Andrews succeeded Sir Robert Richard Torrens as Registrar-General).

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Price: $1,500.00