Item #122476 A substantial collection of books with covers or dustwrappers illustrated by Sidney Nolan, offered as one lot. Sidney NOLAN.

A substantial collection of books with covers or dustwrappers illustrated by Sidney Nolan, offered as one lot

The bindings, formats and condition vary; some books have ownership details or inscriptions; dustwrappers are often price-clipped; overall, most items are in very good condition or better.

This impressive collection contains an extremely diverse offering of 84 items, ranging from scarce early publications to mass-market paperbacks. An informative essay on the subject can be found at the aComment website. There are works by many of the luminaries of twentieth-century Australian letters, such as Patrick White, Randolph Stow, Cynthia Nolan, and Max Harris; international authors including C.P. Snow, Robert Lowell, and Samuel Beckett; as well as a small number of non-fiction works. Many of the covers reproduce Nolan's well known paintings of Ned Kelly and the Australian landscape. Some are more unusual, such as his two covers for 'Time Magazine' (portraits of Rudolf Nureyev and Robert Lowell). Others are not quite as ordinary as they look: for instance, Cynthia Nolan's 'Outback and Beyond', the Angus & Robertson Imprint Travel one-volume paperback edition of her four travel books (here abridged) contains a lengthy personal inscription by Jinx Nolan, Sidney and Cynthia's daughter ('Dearest Robin: a long haul & here it is. Would never have been reissued without the support of some very good friends like you. Much love, Jinx. June 1994').

The scope of this collection does not extend to ephemeral publications such as exhibition or gallery catalogues, nor does it include monographs or examinations of the Kelly paintings such as those by Robert Melville in 1964 and Andrew Sayers in 2002. Many of the books listed have also been illustrated by Nolan, but the offering does not include two books he illustrated but which do not have his cover design or illustration: 'Swansong. Poems by Charles Osborne' (Shenval Press, London, 1968); and 'The Children's Crusade', with music by Benjamin Britten, and words by Bertolt Brecht (Faber and Faber, London, 1973).

All items in the collection are listed below.


  • Max Harris: The Vegetative Eye. Melbourne, Reed & Harris. The issue in wrappers.


  • Harry Roskolenko: A Second Summary. Melbourne, Reed & Harris.
  • Geoffrey Dutton: Night Flight and Sunrise. Melbourne, Reed & Harris.
  • Ern Malley: The Darkening Ecliptic. Melbourne, Reed & Harris.


  • Reg. S. Ellery: Psychiatric Aspects of Modern Warfare. Melbourne, Reed & Harris.


  • Harry Roskolenko: Notes from a Journey, Melbourne, Meanjin Press.


  • Patrick White: Voss. London, Eyre & Spottiswoode.


  • Patrick White: The Aunt's Story. London, Eyre & Spottiswoode (second edition).
  • C.P. Snow: The Conscience of the Rich. London, Macmillan.
  • C.P. Snow: Strangers & Brothers. London, Macmillan (reprint).
  • C.P. Snow: The Light and the Dark. London, Macmillan (reprint).


  • C.P. Snow: The Masters. London, Macmillan (reprint).


  • C.P. Snow: The Affair. London, Macmillan.
  • C.P. Snow: The New Men. London, Macmillan (reprint).
  • C.P. Snow: The Conscience of the Rich. London, Macmillan.
  • Patrick White: Voss. Mitcham, Penguin. With publisher's wrap-around, also with Nolan illustration.
  • Colin MacInnes: Mr Love and Justice. London, MacGibbon & Kee


  • C.P. Snow: Time of Hope. London, Macmillan (reprint).
  • C.P. Snow: Homecomings. London, Macmillan (reprint).
  • Patrick White: The Tree of Man. Mitcham, Penguin. Penguin Modern Classics edition.
  • Patrick White: Riders in the Chariot. London, Eyre & Spottiswoode.


  • Randolph Stow: Outrider. London, Macdonald.
  • Australian Artists and Poets Booklets No. 9. Poems from 'The Outrider' and other Poems by Randolph Stow. Illustrated by Sidney Nolan. [Adelaide], Australian Letters (undated, but after publication of the above).
  • The London Magazine, Vol. 2 No. 6, London.
  • Patrick White: The Living and the Dead. London, Eyre & Spottiswoode (later edition).
  • Cynthia Nolan: Outback. London, Methuen.
  • Maie Casey: An Australian Story, 1837-1907. London, Michael Joseph.


  • Patrick White: The Aunt's Story. Mitcham, Penguin.
  • Alan Moorehead: Cooper's Creek. London, Hamish Hamilton.
  • Randolph Stow: Tourmaline. London, Macdonald.


  • C.P. Snow: Corridors of Power. London, Macmillan.
  • Patrick White: The Burnt Ones. London, Eyre & Spottiswoode.
  • George Johnston: My Brother Jack. London, Collins (second impression).
  • Patrick White: Riders in the Chariot. Ringwood, Penguin. 'An Australian Penguin Book'.
  • William Shakespeare, 1564-1964. London, The Shakespeare Exhibition.


  • A. Norman Jeffares and K.G.W. Cross (editors): In Excited Reverie. A Centenary Tribute, W.B. Yeats, 1865-1939. London, Macmillan.
  • Time Magazine, Vol. 85, No. 16. New York. Portrait of Rudolf Nureyev.
  • Cynthia Nolan: One Traveller's Africa. London, Methuen.


  • Robert Lowell: Near the Ocean. New York, Farrar, Strauss and Giroux.
  • Time Magazine, Vol. 89 No. 22. New York. Portrait of Robert Lowell.
  • Cynthia Nolan: Open Negative. An American Memoir. London, Macmillan.


  • Robert Lowell: The Voyage and other Versions of Poems by Baudelaire. New York, Farrar, Strauss and Giroux.


  • Cynthia Nolan: A Sight of China. London, Macmillan.


  • Charles Osborne: Ned Kelly. London, Anthony Blond.


  • Sidney Nolan: Paradise Garden. London, R. Alistair McAlpine Publishing.
  • Cynthia Nolan: Paradise, and Yet. London, Macmillan.
  • Michael Alexander: Mrs Fraser on the Fatal Shore. London, Michael Joseph.


  • Robert Lowell: History. London, Faber & Faber.
  • Robert Lowell: The Dolphin. London, Faber & Faber.
  • Robert Lowell: For Lizzie and Harriet. London, Faber & Faber.
  • Samuel Beckett: Waiting for Godot. London, Faber & Faber. Faber Paper Covered edition (reprint).
  • Max Harris: The Angry Eye. Sydney, Pergamon Press. Inscribed and signed by Max Harris.


  • Ern Malley: The Darkening Ecliptic. London, R. Alistair McAlpine Publishing.
  • Ern Malley's Poems, Mary Martin Publications, Adelaide.


  • Nancy Keesing (editor): The Kelly Gang. Sydney, Ure Smith.
  • Dave Dallwitz: Ern Malley Jazz Suite. Melbourne, Swaggie Records (LP).


  • Patrick White: A Fringe of Leaves. London, Jonathan Cape.


  • Denys Thompson (editor): Distant Voices: Poetry of the Preliterate. London, Heinemann.
  • Quadrant. April, 1978, No. 129; Volume XXII, No. 4. Sydney,


  • Bruce Bennett and William Grono (editor): Wide Domain. Western Australian Themes and Images. Sydney, Angus and Robertson.
  • Angry Penguins [No. 6]. 1944 Autumn Number to Commemorate the Australian Poet Ern Malley. [Adelaide, Mary Martin Publications, 1979]. 35th Anniversary facsimile edition, number 833 of 1000 copies.


  • Max Brown: Ned Kelly. Australian Son, Angus & Robertson (Arkon paperback edition).
  • Ion Idriess: Lasseter's Last Ride, Angus & Robertson (Australian Classics edition).


  • Max Brown: Ned Kelly. Australian Son, Angus & Robertson (Australian Classics edition).
  • Randolph Stow: To the Islands. Sydney, Angus & Robertson (revised edition).
  • Leonie Kramer (editor). The Oxford History of Australian Literature. Melbourne, Oxford University Press.


  • Mrs Aeneas Gunn: We of the Never-Never and The Little Black Princess. Sydney, Angus & Robertson (Australian Classics combined edition, second impression. The first impression of this edition, published the previous year, appears to have used the same Nolan painting for its dustwrapper, with some slight changes to the layout)


  • Charles Osborne: Letter to W.H. Auden and Other Poems, 1941-1984. London, John Calder. Inscribed and signed by Charles Osborne.


  • Max Brown: Ned Kelly. Australian Son, Angus & Robertson (Australian Classics edition, reprint with variant dustwrapper).


  • Brian Adams: Sidney Nolan: Such is life, a biography, Century Hutchinson, Melbourne


  • 'Ern Malley:' The Poems of Ern Malley. Comprising the Complete poems and Commentaries by Max Harris and Joanna Murray-Smith. Sydney, Allen & Unwin.


  • Jim Anderson: Billarooby. London, Grafton Books.


  • Tim Bonyhady: Burke & Wills. From Melbourne to Myth. Balmain, David Ell Press.


  • Peter Cochrane: Simpson and the Donkey: The Making of a Legend. Carlton, Melbourne University Press.


  • Michael Heyward: The Ern Malley Affair. St Lucia, University of Queensland Press.
  • Ern Malley: Collected Poems. Sydney, Angus & Robertson.


  • Cynthia Nolan: Outback and Beyond. The Travels of Cynthia and Sidney Nolan. Sydney, Angus and Robertson. One of the Imprint Travel series.


  • Barrett Reid: Making Country, Angus & Robertson, Sydney


  • Peter Carey: True History of the Kelly Gang. New York, Alfred A. Knopf. Signed by Peter Carey.


  • Ned Kelly: The Jerilderie Letter. London, Faber and Faber. Edited and introduced by Alex McDermott.


  • Tim Bonyhady: Burke & Wills. From Melbourne to Myth. Canberra, National Library of Australia.
  • Andrew Shepherdson: Journeys of a Light Horseman. Newtown, the author. Signed by the author.


  • Jay Johnston and Fiona Probyn-Rapsey (editors): Animal Death. Sydney, Sydney University Press.


  • Nancy Underhill: Sidney Nolan: A Life. Sydney, NewSouth Publishing.

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