'The Happy Man's Pedigree' [title of a copperplate engraving]. Samuel GURNHILL.
'The Happy Man's Pedigree' [title of a copperplate engraving]
'The Happy Man's Pedigree' [title of a copperplate engraving]

'The Happy Man's Pedigree' [title of a copperplate engraving]

Gainsborough, Samuel Gurnhill, [circa 1800s].

A copperplate engraving (printed surface approximately 354 × 220 mm), matted using archival board and behind glass in a modern gilt wooden frame (slightly chipped, external dimensions 680 × 500 mm).

Paper lightly cockled; a fine example.

Offered with another engraving by Samuel Gurnhill (as Gurnill), 'Hercules fighting the Hydra' (printed surface approximately 225 × 210 mm, presented as above, external dimensions 540 × 470 mm; in fine condition). Interestingly, this engraving was executed on recycled copperplate, imperfectly polished smooth. Faint traces of the earlier engraving (including a partial imprint indicating that it was also by Gurnill), are visible in the blank areas of the print. Information by Jim English on Samuel Gurnhill appears in 'Quadrat. A Periodical Bulletin of Research in Progress on the British Book Trade' (Issue 11, July 2000, page 18): 'Samuel Gurnhill, who came from a long-established local family, is, however, known in Gainsborough-history circles for his topographical engravings "A South View of the Bridge and Part of the Town of Gainsbro" (1797), and "A Perspective View in Gainsbro Field with a distant Prospect of Lincoln Cathedral" [c1795] ... Less well-known are two broadsheet engravings by him. One, an illustration of "Hercules fighting the Hydra" is dated 1808 ...; the other is undated, the top half being an illustration of Christ and a host of angels above Adam and Eve (with the serpent) in the Garden of Eden, the bottom half of the sheet being an engraved script of "The Happy Man's Pedigree"'. This Bunyanesque tract is attributed to William Mills (1739-1774), an American Presbyterian pastor. [2 items].

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