Four letters signed (one from each sibling, two from Yehudi) relating primarily to Hephzibah Menuhin. Hephzibah Yehudi, Yaltah, prodigiously talented musicians.

Four letters signed (one from each sibling, two from Yehudi) relating primarily to Hephzibah Menuhin

First, an autograph letter signed by Yaltah Menuhin (1921-2001): quarto, 2 pages, Los Angeles, 15 September 1948; creased where folded for posting; in excellent condition. This is a deeply-felt letter to Paul Morawetz, Hephzibah's lover at the time. 'I wish you and Hephzibah to find the peace of mind you require.... please tell my loved Pepsi that I'll never fail to understand her & you ... to sip life's full sweetness is not crime.' Second, an autograph letter signed by Hephzibah Menuhin (1920-1981): octavo, 2 pages, on 'Terinallum, Pura Pura, Victoria, Australia' crested letterhead, 31 July 1952; creased where folded for posting, with minor wear to the end of one fold, and traces of prior mounting on the verso, not affecting any text; in very good condition. Hephzibah had married Lindsay Nicholas, heir to the Aspro fortune, in California in 1938. 'Returning to Australia to live on the Nicholas's sheep property "Terinallum" in Victoria's Western District, Menuhin took to life in the country with enthusiasm - if with views on diet, dress and education seen by locals as idiosyncratic' ('Australian Dictionary of Biography'). However, 'In 1947, during a tour of the USA and Europe with Yehudi, she visited Theresienstadt concentration camp in Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic), an experience that affirmed her Jewishness and exposed what she now saw as the smallness of her Australian life. Questioning her political, religious and social assumptions, she began to speak out and write about progressive causes, including education and women's issues. Her interests in left-wing ideas and politics were encouraged by the Melbourne businessman, Paul Morawetz, who was her lover from 1946 to 1949. Menuhin's marriage was increasingly troubled but it did not break until she met Richard Hauser in 1952'. The marriage ended in divorce in November 1954. The letter is addressed to Richard [Goldner], founder of Musica Viva Australia in 1945. Music plays second fiddle to politics in this extraordinary sheet of paper: 'My cardinal points are carefully selected on this occasion to mark complete contempt of the Western World, as symbolized by the Imperialistic Wolf on the pompous crest [on the letterhead].... my feelings for Eastern domination are about as warm and confident as they are for the opposing camp. However, there must be still a way out ... for those of us who wish to live, and let live, and for those of us who wish to make music and listen to it ... in order to prove to ourselves that there is someone in Heaven to replace the dead God - maybe a sort of Queen Elizabeth in Paradise? How are your little red and white beads? Please tell me if you intend making a simplified version for women and idiots, so that we too can form the disorderly procession going nowhere, just because there isn't anywhere else to go!'. Third, a typed letter signed by Yehudi Menuhin (1916-1999) to 'Mr and Mrs Morawetz' (oblong octavo, one page, London, 5 June 1981); he is 'deeply touched to learn from two sources of your devotion to Hephzibah', and gives details of various projects he is undertaking 'to stress the musical aspect of her life'. Fourth, a typed letter signed ('Yehudi') to Paul [Morawetz] (quarto, one page, London, 21 August 1981), stating that he 'was overwhelmed to learn of the many things you are doing to express your devotion to Hephzibah and I am deeply touched by these most imaginative gestures'. [4 items].

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