An unofficial 6th Light Horse Regiment collar badge. 6th Light Horse Regiment.

An unofficial 6th Light Horse Regiment collar badge

Approximately 30 × 27 mm, brass with a silver wash; the pin on the reverse is broken off at the hinged clasp; in excellent condition.

The example in the Australian War Memorial is described thus: 'The badge is made of brass with a silver wash finish which has been almost entirely removed from the front surface by polishing. On the reverse is a hinged pin clasp, approximately half of the pin being snapped off and missing. The badge shows the numeral "6" and a standing bird (apparently intended to be a fighting cock) over a banner containing the words "L.H.Rgt. A.I.F. Fight On Fight Ever" ... Unofficial hat and collar badges were a peculiarity of the Middle East campaigns. Some, but not all, Australian Light Horse and Camel Corps units elected to wear unofficial regimental badges of their own design in place of the "Rising Sun" general service badge. These badges were privately designed and purchased by Regiments or individuals; some were made to order in Australia or Britain, others were cheaply sand-cast in Egypt'. The fine detail evident in our example would suggest it was made to order.

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